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3 Aug 2009 – So I have set up a blog

Author: Ed Gregory
Date: 3 August 2009
Location: At the office (my bedroom in Mexico city)
Mood: Excited. Almost crazy (I think that’s all the coffee though)
Motivation: Just set up this blog page with diary, so kind of need to make a start.
Problem/task: To create a blog page which people want to read.

On my mind: So I have just spent ages doing loads of geeky things to create this blog page which I am happy with, although I am now left with a pretty page with nothing on. A blog of course is there for people to read and decide to follow.  A problem which with my lack of writing skills will be a challenge.
Enter The Waste Project Bloggers. These are the wonderful people that will be filling this site with content. So far I have Ariella Bowden and Marianna Burrelli writing weekly blogs.
The idea came about when I was in New York last week visiting all the people from my previous life as a Blue Man and bombarding them with as much information as possible about The Waste Project. I wanted to get them all to become founders of the project and transfer my passion so they would spread the word. How did I do this? I gave my big speech late wednesday night in a dingy bar (grassroots) in Manhattan. It was about 11pm and we were settled around a sticky table each with at least half a pint. Yes, perfect time, nobody will be leaving for the bar, so I seized the opportunity. It lasted for about 10 minutes at the end of which I achieved a round of applause. Success! Then came the questions, which i thoughtfully answered in full and eagerly awaited for more. It was awesome (in USA terms). It was working, the idea was flying, people were excited, their energies lifted and conversations about the environment were flowing.
Great! But what about the blog idea?
So this came a little later. I was chatting with Ariella Bowden who I knew from my days at Blue Man Group. We were in the ‘Green Squad’ which is exactly what you would imagine it to be. We went around the theatre making all the changes possible to be greener. Including recycling bins (trash cans), removing disposable cups, recycling lightbulbs and changing to CFL or LED lights where possible.
So back to our conversation. Ariella began talking about the green engineering course she wants to take, and then explained a number of eco inventions and solutions she had. She spoke with passion, knowledge and gusto. I was excited. I asked if she ever wrote about these things; her reply: “no”. Nevertheless, I asked if she would write a blog for The Waste Project and that was that. The idea was born.
After returning home to Mexico I spoke with Marianna Burelli, another wonderful writer I know who is interested in the subject and has been the ‘go to’ person for everything to do The Waste Project. Again she was instantly excited. I believe Marianna to be a creative force, who has very strong ideas and seems to stop at nothing short of 100% success.

My part in all this? Well, I am Edward Gregory and The Waste Project is the product of my thoughts from the last year. I will be writing this diary page to keep people informed on the progress of the project.  I am very excited to be working with these writers and reading their blogs. Please subscribe to this blog and we will keep you updated.
Thank your for reading my first post.

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