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21 Aug 2009 – A New Idea

Author: Ed Gregory
Date: 21 August 2009
Location: My Mac
Mood: A little hazy
Motivation: An Idea
Problem/task: Rights for Documentaries

On my mind:
After a meeting the other morning I was given a great idea for The Waste Project. First of all, the meeting had nothing to do with The Waste Project. Here in Mexico I am involved in a the start-up of a new NGO (Non Government Organization). Our aim, amongst others, is to bring clean water to everyone in mexico. All the members of this group still have other jobs so our meeting the other morning began at 7:15 am, which for an actor is a ridiculous hour.
Nevertheless, my mind woke up in time and we had a great meeting. After the meeting I was talking with Fernanda Rivero who runs a film production company (Cornea films) and ‘Festival De Cine En El Campo’. This festival travels to 160 small towns in mexico taking a number of short films and documentaries to the communities. To do this they use a huge inflatable cinema screen. So here was the idea, to use a similar screen at The Waste Project to show environmental documentaries. The idea is to have 5 or 6 different documentaries that will be shown once each per week. Maybe they will be shown between the gallery closing and theatre show opening . So a different film or documentary every night starting at 6pm.
A fantastic addition to the project, really keeping the theme. Now I have yet another thing to focus on. Wow, I cant wait to have some other people invoved in this. Very exciting. Thats all for this update.

Founder Quote
We borrow the world from our children. – Marco Spelde (founder 82)
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  1. August 27, 2009 7:43 pm

    Hey! But… won’t it be more wastefull to use an inflatable screen for your project?
    I mean, for them that go touring around that’s great, cause they take the air away and will weight nothing but… for you, this project is supposed to stay in london for couple of weeks or something like that, no?
    then, I think it’s much better a normal screen, from an old cinema or new and then you resell it so somebody else can use it second hand… but don’t you think keeping that inflated will produce more energy waste?

    • August 27, 2009 7:47 pm

      Love the recycled screen idea.
      The inflatable screen is just how it is being done in Mexico and moves around on a daily basis. The idea will be developed for london and I think your idea for a regular screen is best.
      Thanks for the ongoing interest Rodeta.


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