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17 Aug 2009 – Success! 100th Founder

Author: Ed Gregory
Date: 17 August 2009
Location: Bouncing around in my mind somewhere.
Mood: A little funky. maybe thats due to MJ’s ‘don’t stop till you get enough’
Motivation: 100 founders
Problem/task: keep this thing rolling

On my mind: So writing the above problem/task line is a little tough. I don’t see this post having a problem. Yesterday The Wast Project achieved its 100th founder. Now i know there is a long way to go to get to that target of a million, but to achieve that we must fill every single number on the way. every single one is important. I realized that to get to 100 I needed founder number 10, number 26, 50, 78, 86 and all the

look, we have 102 Founders

ones in between. When you think of it like that, well, its clear that there is progress. I have found 100 people to join me on this journey. some of the people i have never met, and they are not friends of friends. Now that means, if i can get 1, then I can definitely find thousands of others. After all there is more than 8 billion people to target.

This is the type of energy that this project needs. It needs people to believe in it. Other successes this week include contact from people offering legal advice and a lighting designer. Currently the lights are great in my home office (A little green filter on my desk light might just give a little energy however) and i don’t need a lawyer but never the less, this has come from people that just really believe in this project. Brilliant. Thank you.
If we follow our dreams to the end, make sure those dreams are morally in the correct place and if it helps others then there really is no reason why they won’t happen. I am very excited. in fact Micheal Jacksons ‘can you feel it’ has just come on. Yes Michael, I can feel it.
Thats it for this post, I just wanted to pass on this mega positive feeling.
Lets go guys.

PS. i just want to share this comment from one of the founders ‘I feel stupid for what I have done to the earth.’ Now thats a great reason for change. Thanks Kamil.

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