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15 Aug 2009 – Social Networking. Useful?

Author: Ed Gregory
Date: 15 August 2009
Location: In the kitchen, Mexico City
Mood: kind of relaxed. Just returned from watching a movie.
Motivation: Have loads of things to do but don’t know where to start. So I guess writing will help.
Problem/task: How to get people to believe in my cause and become a part of the picture protest and become founders.

On my mind:I believe my cause is incredibly worthy. That’s why I have just spent the last 6 months working on it full time. Now the hard thing is transferring that energy and enthusiasm to everyone else. Talking to people, I seem to manage to really get the point across and the feedback is fantastic.But here’s the problem: I can’t talk to everyone. Especially as my aim is to get 1 million founders. I need to find a way to connect with people and get them excited through the text on the website. I now understand why companies spend thousands on marketing campaigns. It is such a specific thing. To get the message across in just a few minutes. This is my challenge.

So earlier this week I made this video:

I have been having great feedback from the video, but still not many people signing up. 168 views this weekend not including the hundreds of people I sent it to on Facebook. But I still have fewer than 100 actual founders on the website. The same goes for the fan page on Facebook. We have 368 fans but this number again doesn’t seem to affect the actual founders.

So this raises a new question. Do all of the social network sites actually help to connect people and information, or are they places for us to spend hours creating information which others will never read. Many people who are fans of The Waste Project on Facebook don’t actually know what it is or who created it. I find this out when I actually speak to them. Or maybe these sites are so fantastic at connecting people that there is no need for any other site. For example, if someone is a fan on facebook, why go to the actual Waste Project website.

Maybe, and this is the most likely, these services serve a very good purpose in today’s society where we keep up to date with everything and everyone virtually and my marketing sucks.

So fare these networking sites have been an unbelievable source of information for me. It has allowed me to connect with hundreds of people I would otherwise have found it very difficult to. But I can’t help thinking that; because of its simplicity to connect it undermines the importance of our individual causes. People can join the fight against Global Warming and at the same time buy a cow in a virtual farmyard. Make a stand against poverty and send a virtual beer half way across the world. Oh and if your reading this, have a virtual organic beer on me. (Mmmmmmm can you taste that organicness just cooling your lips.)  It wasn’t until I created The Waste Project that I realized how crazy it all is.

This diary post was actually a little rant, for me to get these questions off my chest. At the end of it however, I am in the same place, not knowing the answers. I guess the best thing to do is to keep innovating and trying new stuff. After all, if I keep doing that I must, at some point, find something that works.

Thank you for reading this entry.


The Waste Project on Facebook

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