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Vague, but the videos cool.

August 18, 2009

Ok so this is my first blog post. I guess I will learn how to walk before I run. So lets keep it short. Here is The Waste Projects New (well its about a week old) video. Check it out.

Now you have seen it, you know what to do…..

I am going to be writing the diary pages for the project (link at the top of the page). Quite simply, I will write a diary entery whenever I feel the urge. There are three pages so far. I’m not really sure how those pages will turn out, but at the moment they are just thoughts about the projects situation. Don’t worry they arn’t going to be some boring list of what is happening but more like how things are going and any news for The Waste Project.

As for my blog. Well I will write whenever I find the time and feel passionate about writing. Not too sure how often those stars will align! What will it be about? That I really don’t know, but it will be connected to the environment in some way.

Ok thats all for now. So until next time, keep green.


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